Brand New Blog

Today I launched my first blog! (Not that I intend on launching any more)

Globe Glimpser shall be my personal blog where I will share written pieces, photo stories, behind the scenes as well as random thoughts. So watch this space over the coming months (hopefully years).

I am also launching My Portfolio which will have photos uploaded to it over the next couple days. So if you get a chance, visit that too…

Finally, there is a print store in the works but I’d give that a couple months.

Remember to find me on Facebook, Google+ and/or Instagram for fresh updates and random photo posts.

Finally, you can subscribe to this blog via email to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox! There is an RSS Feed for the blog too…

Anyway, sorry for all that Spam but at least it is out the way now. I am looking forward to finally sharing my photos, travels and writing.

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